Schwiizertüütsch by Baas Dialect

Which dialect is your course?
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Well, I wouldn’t call it a real “course” in the sense that I’m not a professional linguist or language instructor. It’s just a list of words and phrases I’ve learned over the years as a Memrise user and a student myself. All my Schwiizertüütsch word lists are based on the dialects spoken mainly in Züri (Zürich), Bärn (Bern) and Basel. The main idea is to give everyone the feel and gist of the three dialects (mostly). Mind you, some vocabulary words are only used locally, pronunciation in any given cities may be from worlds apart, but I can see a common ground for learners - it’s worked for me and that’s what I decided to share with everyone one else by creating and sharing my lists. As you may know, there aren’t official spelling rules for Swiss German (Alemannic) dialects across the Swiss Confederation, so I’ve decided to use spellings I’ve learned from reading posts and personal messages from Swiss friends.

*I’ve been waiting for Swiss native speakers to record my phrases and word lists for ages, but nobody has volunteered yet.

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However, there are books on grammar of “Baseldytsch” and at least one “Baseldytsch” dictionary.

Yeah, I know. I hope someone creates a “Baseldytsch” course on Memrise someday. As for myself, I won’t be building any other word lists anytime soon, if ever again, because life changes… and so do priorities.

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Baas what happened to your the rest of your Schwiizertüütsch modules?

I’ve taken them down for a while. I’ve been very busy at work and really need to focus on private matters, so I won’t be doing any maintenance (changes, reviews, fixes, updates, recordings, mems) or even replying to messages for some time.