Schwa ᵊ not working in all words

(Zaytoun) #1

Hi guys, I hope I’m right here! I use Memrise to create my own courses for linguistics and I have a problem with the letter schwa ᵊ. It’s shown properly when it’s at the beginning of a word as in ᵊsnān (Syr. Arabic for teeth) but doesn’t show within words as in mǝsᵊlme (Syr. Arabic for muslim woman), because it changes to mǝsǝlme when I start gardening.

Can you guys help me or try to fix it?



(Amanda Norrsken) #2

Maybe you could try here and see if anyone else has had the same problem and managed to solve it?

(Lucas Heber) #3

Memrise can not render superscript characters appropriately, and it is not a new problem. You can find similar complaining here, here, and here. Oldest report from 2016.

User scripts may solve this problem till a properly solution is given.

cc. @MemriseMatty
A better support for Unicode character is necessary in Memrise, since languages with unusual characters in their written system could be affected as well.

(Zaytoun) #4

Yes there seems to be an issue. I guess I’ll be learning these words from paper…
Thanks anyway!