Same wrong answers

Hello, been using Memrise app for quite a while and noticed this wierd thing (same in iOS and Android). In test, there I have to choose one right answer from 4 or 6, the wrong answers almost always are the same. What I mean is:
quiz word дом (house). Answers: river, house, stone, school
next quiz word: стол (chair). Answers: stone, river, school, chair.
Next one: ручка (pen). Answers: school, river, stone, pen.
I hope you get the idea of what I mean. This usually appears when the question is in my native language, and answers in language I learn.
I’m already into lesson 20, but it seems the app memorised the wrongs from the first 2 lessons, and they don’t change. I think the system should get random wrong answers from all the course, so it’ll be challenging. Because now I can easily see the right answer not because I know it, but because I know this wrong answers too good.