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Since yesterday, I’ve had some problems with Memrise (app and online version). When I try to learn new words all the answers are the same and correct and I can choose each of them and it will be correct. It happens in every form of tests, for example in jumbled words there are only correct words to chose. Is it only me having this problem?
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Is it happening only in one course or several? I’ve tried learning new items in one of my Spanish courses and it’s behaving OK.

Can you post a link to a course that you are having the problem with and I’ll see if it’s the same for me?

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, it is happening in all of my new courses. Two days ago there was no such problem. Please see one of my course:
Maybe I should change something in my setting, but I can’t find anything.

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Hi Monika,

This link to an earlier forum thread dealing with something that looks similar may help. I hope so, anyway! I think it may be something to do with your course only having a single level. It’s usually a good idea to create a second level straight away, so that you get access to the database and the additional features. Good luck!


Thank you for your help. I built a new course with levels and it is working now correctly. I hope it won’t change.

Have a nice day!

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In the Advanced English course, there are many situations, where two answers are almost the same (which one to choose then?). Here is an example.

The problem is known and being worked on. Take a look at this thread:

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