Russian pc games

I’ve tried googling for any but have come up with very little.
I’m looking for pc games in Russian for children, preferably with subtitles. Easy vocabulary, both written and spoken.
Steam has some like Freddi Fish but they are all non-subtitle. The Putt-Putt ones are non-Russian on steam but apparently the game is translated.
Anyone know a game that would be suitable?
Thanks in advance!

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For sure you should’t look for something like
If your children are like 12+ you should check for Space Rangers - it’s a little bit complicated, but it’s the best Russian - made game ever. It does has a lot of text as well, so if they only start learning language, it might be a little bit hard for them. And if you looking for subtitles, almost every big title in steam has a Russian subtitle option and it not that hard to be found. Hope you will make it!

Don’t go for something with online experience like You should try Space Rangers - best Russian made game ever, might be a little complicated and should be okay for ones older than 12.
Also most of the titles nowadays in steam has Russian subtitles.

As I know metro is a Russian game or Ukrainian, but I like overwatch more. You can show kids metro ll of course, but if they are older than 14 already because it is roughly a little bit. the age is important. But Overwatch Rulez anyway. I have already a gold rank in it. Actually ranking in it is really hard and sometimes drives me mad, so when I decided to get a higher rank I decided to use overwatch rank boosting service, and guys from that service boosted me very quickly to the gold. You can visit website to boost your account.

Yeah, overwatch is nice.