Russian Keyboard on Russian One

(Paddyfritz) #1

The keyboard has been abridged and rearranged on Russian One for some reason. This makes it virtually impossible as I spend most of my time trying to find the letter. Learn Basic Russian which had also had keyboard problems is now ok with the traditional Russian keyboard.

(Pavelserdyuk91) #2

Hi, @paddyfritz. Thank you for your comment. After several suggestions from users we have replaced the alphabetic keyboard with “qwerty” version, as this is how you will use it most of the time in the future with Russian keyboard. Sorry that it caused you inconvenience. Best of luck.

(Paddyfritz) #3

Anyone who is serious about learning a foreign language will be using multiple sites. Coming up with a keyboard that only exists on your site forces Russian learners to learn two new keyboards not one–the Russian board that the other sites are still using and yours. Your new practice will also confuse new learners who will be baffled as to why there appear to be two Russian keyboards. Further, virtually any computer manufactured the past decade can be converted to Russian (or Greek) script when necessary.

(Baite) #4

You might consider using the keyboard layout build into your computer (Windows in my case); usually they support all major langauge (sometimes after a download) and then you are site-independent.