Russian keyboard layout is broken, texts cut off, answers “auto-resize”

I think there was an update a few days ago?

I was in the middle of “Russe 3”, when suddenly, every selectable answer got bigger texts, which cuts off the end of some phrases (and not just a bit), especially when there is a lot of possible answers, or just when a possible answer has a longer word than usual.
In short, it makes some mid to long phrases and long words impossible to read correctly.

Also, the “rectangles” (aka possible answers) often “resize themselves” frantically when the mouse cursor hovers them… which regularly gives a misclick in Speed Review, for instance.

And worst of all, the on-screen Russian keyboard has now an useless extra line added (for the same amount of characters, of course), which is messing up the layout (which for me, was the reason why I paid for Memrise Pro).
That latter issue is a very big deal.
Adding an extra line on a classical keyboard layout that you were in the process of memorizing… just to make the letters bigger? Is it a bug or am I missing the point?

My performance with that keyboard suffers a lot and it forces me to “unmemrise” most difficult word, which is quite ironic.


I came here to mention the keyboard issue, too. I thought it was proper when I tried memrise previously, before starting to learn to type in Russian.

Today it looks like this:

Note that I have annotated the image to show where the three rows are supposed to be. I tried it in two web browsers to be sure. It is currently worse than having no on-screen keyboard at all, I’m afraid.

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Well, I stopped using the web version because of that keyboard layout that is still broken to this day, and it seems that it will stay that way.
On the mobile app, you only have the necessary letters instead of the keyboard, and it’s not helpful for really learning to write word.

Once I’m through with my lessons, I don’t think I’ll be coming back to Memrise.

Also, the new global design with bigger texts on the mobile app is a incredible mistake. It’s like Memrise has to be rebuilt from scratch, since it’s hasn’t been thought through to work with full phrases (especially in Speed Review where you don’t have enough time to read sentences). The web version still cuts sentences. To learn words, after words, after words… it’s fine. Otherwise, it’s not convenient at all, right now.