Russian 3 "Back at Base" lesson error — Russian text and audio are inconsistent

In Russian 3 “Back at Base”, there is a sentence, “It’s between the kitchen and the living room”.

The English for this sentence consistently starts with “It’s”.

The Russian audio for the sentence, whether course or a “local”, consistently begins “Он между …”, “It is between …”

The Russian TEXT given for the sentence, whether in the “local” caption or in the word tiles, consistently omits the Он and begins with Между, “Between the kitchen and the livingroom.” There is no Он. So you select the word tiles actually available to you, “Между кухней и гостиной”, and Memrise accepts it as correct, then reads back to you, “Он между кухней и гостиной”.

If this is a problem with an official Memrise-created course, report it here.

Thanks. Will do.

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…And done.

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