Russian 1 Course Feedback - Drop the daily expression in the beginning of the course

I believe the course would improve if it dropped teaching expressions like “WOW” (нифига себе!) , “No way!” (ни в коем случае!) or “Are you kidding?!” (Да ладно!) early on… I think these just occupy mental bandwidth while you are trying to learn the basics like “My name is…” or even a simple “Greetings” which can get complicated in Russian :smiley:

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I agree, those are tricky because Memrise obviously expects a very specific answer for these rather broad phrases. There are other examples later in the course, where IMO the translation is either oddly specific or not very literal. Examples:

  • посоветуйте хороший ресторан ; could you recommend a nice restaurant? (imperative vs. conditional)
  • девушка, вы не могли бы мне помочь? ; excuse me, could you please help me? (the English version is gender-neutral, the russian uses “girl”)
  • мой дядя себе на уме ; my uncle plays his cards close to his chest (this one might be correct but I must say that I wasn’t very familiar with the English idiom here. Maybe “my uncle keeps to himself” or something like that?)
  • гулять ; to go out (and more generally all movement verbs. Now admittedly that’s a very tricky part of Russian and doesn’t fit the Memrise format very well, but I find that the course does a very poor job of explaining the difference between, say, гулять and выходить).

Basically for many of these sentences I end up memorizing some somewhat contrived Memrize translation instead of what I’d more naturally use.

I also wish that both perfective and imperfective versions be accepted when relevant, even if Memrise decides to only teach one first for simplicity (which is probably a good idea). Being marked wrong because you said that “to open” is открывать instead of открыть is frankly frustrating.

Overall it’s a rather large improvement over the previous version course though, so kudos for that.