Runasimi rimankichu? Do you speak Quechua (or want to learn)?

Hello! I’m a graduate student working on my masters thesis. I have studied Quechua at NYU and Kichwa at UCLA many years ago. I’m really fascinated by the study of Quechua/Kichwa as a second/heritage language in the United States, so I decided to write my thesis on this topic. I’m particularly interested in looking at why people want to learn Quechua/Kichwa in the US and how they choose to do so. I’m interviewing Quechua/Kichwa professors and also gathering survey responses from people actively learning the languages or who want to learn the languages.

I hope it’s okay to share a link to my survey on here. If you would like to participate, please visit this link: I really appreciate your help in developing a more comprehensive understanding of the role of Quechua/Kichwa in the US.

Yupaychani (thank you), Sandy

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