Rotation lock not working

Memrise is the only app on my phone (Nokia 7 Plus, running Android 9) that doesn’t respect the rotation lock setting. Please fix!

Otherwise: great app!

This problem still exists. I locked the screen orientation on my Samsung Tab S2 tablet and every app keeps that screen orientation no matter how I hold my tablet. Except the Memrise app. This is quite annoying.
Edit: latest update (2.94_12978) - still the same problem.
Edit edit: version 2.94_13679 - problem still exists.

I noticed this after an update a couple months back. It’s extremely annoying, especially since I’m chronically ill and often have to spend a lot of time in bed. When trying to use the app in a reclining position, ever the slightest move makes the app flip orientation. Just add it to my list of reasons why I cancelled my Pro sub.