Rosen Ulpan Adultos 1-3 Completo (Com Áudio) by renanpoco

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask it.
My mom is learning hebrew from that course (she doesn’t speak english)
The sounds is so low that even with a speaker, still can’t hear.
and some words to write that even you write it right, it says you did wrong,
and some that the translation seems to be swamped (like between day and evening).
it makes hard to continue, what could be done?.

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Hi Sol, I did this course to help me retain the vocabulary since I’m doing the actual Rosen course, I’m glad that it might be helping other people, would you like to help to improve it’s content ? maybe you could fix those errors and record the pronunciation with a better accent and volume. I also thought about adding some images to the vocabulary to make it easy to memorize. My email is

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