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Why is there no romanji when learning new words. Since the change I’ve been struggling so much and I’ve had to use Google translate to teach me how to say the word. I’m really unhappy with the new app changes, can’t wait for my subscription to end


You really should be using kana. There’s only 46 characters in hiragana and it’s really easy to learn. You could think of it as 46 words to learn(which believe me is nothing at all). Japanese is an extremely hard and long thing to learn. If you’re unwilling to learn at least hiragana, then you won’t get far in learning Japanese.

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That is no way to speak to someone who was willing to take the time to answer your question and give you advice. Be nice.
Also, you specifically asked for romaji (not romanji by the way). So of course our first guess would be that you’re reluctant to learn the Kana and not Kanji. Since no true Japanese learner relies on Romaji to learn. Except those who don’t get far.

Now to get back to answering your question: if you don’t want to learn Kanji, then check out some of the user-created courses that contain only the Kana of the words. Like this one:

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I am learning Japanese and I can already say that romaji is just a tool to help foreigners get a hand on general pronunciation while helping you learn Hiragana and Katakana.

Memrise’s lessons are based on sounds, not on how you’d write them using roman alphabet. I went back into the first lessons to check it out again. Romaji is only used for learning the Hiragana characters.

I know we used romaji in my novice group classes, but I quickly realized that you learn quicker by learning the sounds and not relying on westernized pronunciations.

I personally believe it is a good way to learn further.
Not relying on “romaji-training-wheels” and really get to know your Hiragana and Katakana by sound.

As for translations and the meaning of words, all the vocabulary in the lessons have an English counterpart with it.

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Romaji is a crutch that should be removed as soon as possible for any efficient learning, trust me. Once you get used to kana, you’ll be just fine.

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But in some of the examples of new kanji, you don’t show the hiragana or Katakana way of saying it, just how it’s pronounced. As I learn when I’m outside or commuting I’m in able to play the sounds so I’m just seeing the word in kanji and not knowing how it’s pronounced. I can read Katakana and hiragana but I can’t listen to sounds making this app worthless to me, I really regret buying a one year subscription as now I’m able to learn using the app

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How about getting headphones ?

It’s funny because just yesterday I spent two hours on this app while sitting in a waiting room for an appointment that got delayed. =^.^=


Hey there :smiley:

What course are you learning from?

It is understandable people from the west say romanji, since it is Roman letters, but it is called romaji (ro ma ji ) Which actually, is a great segway into why not to use them. Using romaji unfortunately causes many to use western pronounciations and also western spellings - which in Japanese are mispronounciations and misspellings. It is highly important to start with the kana and learn them both and then to avoid romaji like the plague. This is the easiest way. And, kanji sometimes has furigana attached to it. That is kana shown next to kanji so you can read the kanji. Maybe this is what you’re asking for?

As far as kanji goes, it is the nature of Japanese and deeply intertwined with language, culture, and history. The sooner you start learning kanji, the better off you will be. This is why I asked what course you are studying. A good course will only use kanji they have already taught you.

It can be frustrating to start learning a new language, and it is hard work, sacrifice, and pain to do so, but it is worth it. People here are your friends and we are all here to help each other.

Good luck.

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Why not just change the app back to the way it was then they won’t lose customers and I won’t have to buy earphones

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You can also use their website for learning on your computer.
=^.^= It’s the same account for both.


What courses are these? that doesn’t sound any good. Every course I do will get you to learn the hiragana then the proper Japanese word that includes the kanji, so i’m learning the same word twice. Is this the official courses that you’re doing? I only do the community courses.


Some people only like using their phones/tablets, and that is fine but if OP does choose to use the website on his pc, then using an IME is essential. It allows you to type Japanese. This website gives instructions on how to do so.