Rollout of the new dashboard and learning sessions experiences to all our customers

I’ve learnt most of the words I want to and just need a simple classic review with strict typing to allow me to keep those memories fresh. Honestly once these beta changes become the new normal I think I will have to move to a different platform. Would be so easy to keep strict typing and classic review, the decisions that memrise have made over the last few years have been so odd (remember decks?). Such a shame as it was a simple solid platform.


The new dashboard is bad. Very bad.
Should be ok when you are learning just one or two courses, but managing a larger amount seems like a complete torture now:

  1. The indicator of daily goal completion is barely noticeable now. It is small, obscured by other similarly looking graphic elements, and the difference in the appearance of completed and incomplete states is minimal.
    So it will be very easy now to break your 100+ days streak just by overlooking a course with an incomplete daily goal.
  2. The courses frames are too large. Where one could easily check out the states of 5-6 courses in a single glance, now scrolling for a couple of screens is required.
  3. Switching between studied courses on different languages is harder now. Before one could easily run through all the categories just by pressing down button several times and see, where the reviews are required. Now you need multiple clicks just to switch from one category to another.
  4. Completed courses are now showing as having an incomplete daily goal while being almost indistinguishable visually from the ones that are actually being actively learned. Moreover, it seems there is no way to remove a daily goal for a course anymore. This is just a cherry on top.

The ability to save memes is just a joke.

  1. Saving manually every single one of them out of thousands that some users have?
  2. Requiring to save images and text separately? Without, I mind you, a proper way to use them together afterwards?
  3. And without being able to save the memes created by other community members that a user have chosen to incorporate into their studies?

Who could even think that this was a good idea?

Instead of ruining the features so many people use, why wouldn’t you try to improve the stuff that really needs some work?
Like the interface for creating the courses. The editing tools have been garbage for years. It is a wonder, how the community has managed to create so many good courses without getting the proper means to do so.


Have any of the product people ever learned another language? If they did then how in the world would these decisions be made??? If they didn’t then why in the world would they think they need to ruin a perfectly good product with their uninformed ideas???


Especially for kanji/hanzi the community has generated a nice roster of mnemonics one could use for the studies. But it all will be just gone now.


Have you guys ever heard of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”
The moment you eliminate community courses, I’m out. I spent several hundred hours generating advanced kanji courses. Unfortunately, I have paid for a lifelong subscription already, but the time I put in hurts more than the $$.


This situation is so typical. For the nth time Memrise developers have done something that will bring a lot of angry comments and will turn almost every user against their decision and against them. Should I tell you how it ends?


So wait, is there seriously no way to do typing-only review now? Jesus Christ…

This just gets worse and worse.

Anyway, I’m so glad that when I move to Germany, word options will form out of thin air right in front of me in 4’s, just waiting for me to pluck the right choice like a flower. Good thing I won’t have to actually conjure any words from memory! :frowning:


Yes, please do tell how it will end.


We have two options. If there are too many angry users they can revert their decision (see Decks and Ziggy threads), if majority of users don’t give a damn (see Android bugs thread) they will not react. I think that elimination of mems will hurt many.


It’s utterly as ridiculous as ridiculous can be…I am flabbergasted by this whole thing.


Thanks for letting me know. Luckily I’m not Japanese, I’m only studying it … if I were a native Japanese, I’d commit harakiri now. I cannot bear to look my friends (who I recommended this site to) in the eye any more.


I don’t know what I would do if they destroyed community courses. I have invested hours and days in a couple of courses myself. Luckily we still have them.


Honestly I feel like sadly their next step to obliterate community courses. They’ve been trying to suppress them for years and now with mems being dropped it really doesn’t seem like the devs care about the community anymore. My target language doesn’t have any official courses so using and creating community courses are the backbone of my memrise usage.

I am SO SO SO SO glad I never did get around to buying a lifetime subscription. They don’t care about the community’s voice nor keeping promises anymore and my money would’ve been wasted. I used to love this platform so much.


I was just about to purchase a subscription when this popped out. Ugliest update I’ve ever seen and the “new” layout makes me wanna frown. Thanks for ruining memrise.


“Nobody uses them”

Well, that’s the first I’ve even heard about “Mems” which seems to be about the flashcards (and saving them)
I would certainly consider saving some.
Could perhaps be because I am on a beta system and joined recently…

I just went through “Getting Started” again,
there was never any explanation of the possibility that I saw.
Of course the main aspect of going through the cards is obvious enough, so not sure people would be aware anyway.

I don’t see any saving possibility as suggested either,
could again be I am on a “new” system.
I am always wary of the “nobody uses a function” type suppositions when is not a very upfront clear option, though I realize that now that I look for it, perhaps by looking for older versions, that might change :smirk:

No, even removing the beta option does not allow for the mems saving…

Btw very happy with Memrise as a whole, well done!

Just to clarify…does this also mean the end of the typing only option?


To be blunt, I absolutely HATE the new layout of Memrise and am really annoyed that I will be forced to use it forever. It would be a better idea to make the old layout optional, but make the new one default.

The UI of the new layout doesn’t tell you everything, and while I do like how you can now ignore/lightning strike a word whilst reviewing it, I am now bombarded with annoying audio that I cannot mute. Those are only some of the things I can think of, I’m sure there will be more as I am forced to use this new layout.

I’ve never used the mem system, and I’m glad I haven’t, since it sounds like years and years of mems are going to be deleted, which really isn’t a good move.
I understand that Memrise is extending their audience to children even more, but by doing that and restricting options, you are essentially withdrawing from any audience older than the age of 13.

Not a great move, especially as I was already quite on edge with Memrise for 2 years, having decided to stop using it after finishing my exams.


May I ask, do you know what the (I assume cynically capitalist) reason for these changes is? Why would removing typing options and community courses benefit the company? Just because they don’t like supporting them or something? I seriously don’t get it.


I find Anki to be pretty good, maybe you’d want some more experimenting on it?


Anki is good