Rollout of the new dashboard and learning sessions experiences to all our customers

It looks like the glorious A-team left a long time ago. They turned off the heat and the lights. Now Memrise is a cold and dark place. Still, the B-team (aka the Banner team) is doing a good job at degrading Memrise. But wait a minute! It’s research has made some truly remarkable discoveries. The app (ok, they backtracked …) and mems are no longer needed! Maybe soon they’ll figure out that audio and words with more than three letters can be removed, too.

But there’s good news too - I discovered Anki! A much better open source tool. I just added all my courses to Anki. Feels good. Buonviaggio Memrise!


Adding my voice to the many other voices in this thread giving feedback about mem removal.

I discovered this change just recently, as my mobile app updated earlier this week. I was fine dealing with the growing pains of a new UI, but discovering the removal of Mems is intensely disappointing to me.

I like Memrise’s official courses a lot, but they are not what sold me when I re-subscribed for a second year. I’ve been using Memrise primarily for a third-party-created language course from an incredible online Korean resource and the thousands of user-provided Mems have been an amazing help with vocabulary study along the way. People might not need mems in your premium courses, but they’ve been outright essential to me in the 3rd-party course.


The most important things for me are are the community courses, being able to type my answers on the classic review, and seeing my streak for each word at the end. I use Memrise to practice my spelling and keep track of how well I am doing. Without this the website is useless to me.

I guess I can learn to live with the new design, although I hate that everything is huge now and I have to scroll. It’s a pain that it doesn’t mark where the mistake is in the word/sentence in-line. I can’t see anything about the new version that has improved and it just seems like the developers have lost their minds. All we can do is just keep giving feedback and hope for the best.


I totally agree.
The whole point of Memrise is the mems!!.
And what is left when the mems are removed? New users?
The old users will just have to look for new solutions, outside of Memrise


Yes, I already found that I was struggling to progress in the official courses without access to the other mems people had made that gave me ideas. My learning has been very slow without them. I wonder how much of their data showed the proportion of paid users who used mems- I’m cancelling my subscription after this year. How frustrating.


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So its 15 Jan, and classic reviews are still availible.
Did i miss something?


yeah super weird
im thankful, though im still losing patience with memrise as i know i never have to do it ever again after i finish my exams : p (also screw auto emoji ew)


I’m just relieved. I had honestly avoided saying anything because I didn’t want to press the matter, but I reeeeally benefit from being able to leave myself notes on words, not to mention the massive help I get from other people’s mems.


shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :shushing_face:


What an unexpected decision.
Mems and notes are an essential part of the study.

If you say that no one uses it, maybe the problem is that it’s developed/designed in not a comfortable way, so for users, it’s hard to use?
And instead of removing this feature, let’s try to improve it?

Really hope that you’ll change your mind about this decision


As a UX and visual designer, I can testify that the new beta(?)/alpha(?) site is significantly poorer than the old one.

Less informative on the learning progress, harder to use, very cheesy, even a bit scammy looking.

Also there is a feeling that the learning algo is somehow broken when the new skin is activated.


Sadly I think our favourite Classic web review has been pensioned off.


Yeah, I’ve just saw that too

Honestly I don’t think the interface is that bad, a little less user friendly, but not to the point of being relevant (at least for me).

But I will really miss the userscripts, I hope they are updated or someone creates new ones soon, because they were really useful. Also, now you only learn half of the words per session like in the app, which I don’t appreciate, since I used the web version because I could learn faster, but now that is gone.

However, they said this is just a preliminary version, so let’s keep our hopes up that the next updates will fix the problems and make the platform better.


Today I was forced to switch to the new and more terrible version of the Memrise website. There are so many things wrong with it in my opinion. It is as if my evil twin is working at Memrise and telling them to implement everything I hate.


It’s honestly a little baffling to me how the new UI is missing some very basic usability features – the Enter key not advancing to the next page is one of the most annoying for me at least (though there’s some other hotkey/IME related issues that are frustrating as well).


Could you please let us know which browser and any other info that might be useful, because the enter key absolutely does advance to the next page.

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and they’ve done it

this horrifying “new version” is compulsory now … it is a terribly ugly barely functional version, that users have not asked for

edit: and it is so “bug-ridden” (no pun)


Argh. :open_mouth:
It’s so yellow and empty.


This sort of greyed out and check-boxed avatars is rather bad. For many people visual component is more important than brief description, it’s easier to navigate using pictures than words. It was already bad with nonsensical pictures instead of flags, now it’s much worse.

Also, why there are 6 digit numbers without comma or point in the scoreboard now? Does not make sense. Two clicks to see your stats is not an improvement (you needed none before).