Rollout of the new dashboard and learning sessions experiences to all our customers

From December 31 2021, we’ll be retiring our classic learning sessions and homepage on the website and moving all remaining customers over to our redesigned and improved learning platform. This is the first step in continuing to improve the Memrise user experience on the website and building a flexible and intuitive language learning system that you can configure for your needs and we can iterate on quicker.

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about these changes.

What will change for me?
You’ll still be able to view your courses on and keep learning them as usual, but in a nicer, more intuitive experience, which we’ve been improving since early 2020 with some of your feedback. We’ll keep making small changes to it in the following months.

As part of this process, unfortunately, we’ll also be removing access to mems.

It’s time to talk about mems
One of the core pillars of our learning approach is helping you to encode memories more richly so that you learn more effectively, which we’re employing on official courses in lots of other features, such as Learn with locals videos, Immerse and Communicate. By showing you the language in different contexts that you’re familiar with, you’re essentially “piggy-backing” on those already strong connections and memories that helps you to retain the new information for longer and to recall more easily.

Mems were created as one way to help you do that and we know that some of you have incorporated mems as part of your Memrise workflow.

We’re aware we promised that mems would be implemented in the new experience as well, however, following more recent research and data about usage, we found out that the majority of learners that have access to them do not use them. We know we haven’t gotten mems quite right and we believe they no longer fit in the Memrise experience that we’re creating, so we’ve made the difficult decision to retire them. Instead, we’ll focus our efforts on improving the existing features and continue to learn from your experience and feedback to build something that will help you to keep learning effectively.

For these reasons, we’ll stop supporting the creation and browsing of mems (both your own and the community created ones) across all our platforms from December 31 2021. From this date, you will no longer be able to create new mems or view them during Learning Sessions. An app release that will be rolled out on Android in January 2022 will also remove the mems feature in the app.

We understand that for some of you this will be disappointing, particularly if you’re relying on this feature as part of your learning routine. For the next 6 months, the mems you’ve created will continue to be available via your profile page for you to view.

We’ll keep updating this thread in the following weeks and months to confirm when mems will be retired completely.

How can I save my mems?
Until mid June 2022, you will be able to view and save your mems. You have three options to save them:

1. @Eltaurus created a script to bulk-download mems, which you can find here. No longer working

2. Use the Memrise2Anki extension. More information here. No longer working.

  1. Save them manually. For individual mems, you can also visit your Profile > Mems to save or copy them so they won’t be lost.

:warning: If you see a different layout and design vs the above screenshot, simply click on your profile icon at the top right > select “Leave Early Access” to go back to the classic experience and be able to access your profile.

How to save picture-based memes:

  1. Go to your Mems page in your Profile
  2. Right click on the mem you want to save
  3. Click ‘Save image as…’ and confirm

For mems with no picture, you can highlight the item, its translation/definition and the text in the mem and then paste these in a separate file like a spreadsheet or a text document.

How can I leave my feedback about these changes?
For any feedback, please leave a comment on this thread. Although this decision is final, please rest assured that we’ll monitor and review all feedback you share with us, which will help us map out the next steps for creating an experience which helps you to encode memories more effectively.

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Wait a minute, you are removing them? As in, instead of bringing them back to official courses, you’re now removing them from community courses as well instead!? You cannot be serious!

You bet you did!

Why do I have a feeling that this is what you are stating (and have been stating) each and every time you take something away. It’s such an easy way to deal with resistance, isn’t it. Hey, why are you complaining - research (what kind? figures? evidence?) clearly showed that nobody ever utilized that feature. No, the tons of users complaining are just a fringe group. Of course.

And hey, why would you guys even attempt to explain to your users why you think that removing mems brings Memrise forward. That would probably be a very illogical thing to do. Inform users, LOL.

Kudos guys, you really rock (not)!


This is very disappointing news when we had been led to believe that mems would be incorporated again in the future. OK, I can work my way through the 1400 mems I have created over the past 10 years and save a copy, if I want to (thanks for that) but what about those excellent ones created by other users that I had selected to help me learn and remember difficult words and phrases? I doubt that it’s going to be possible to locate these and copy them from the relevant user profile, assuming that option exists.

While we’re at it, do you have any plans to remove our ‘community-created’ courses or the facility to create new ones in the foreseeable future?


Fixed it for them.

Note that as an instructor, if I had eliminated everything that the majority of students did not use, I would have been doing a great deal of harm to the best students.


I wager that research will soon provide proof that nobody is using community courses anymore. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to download all your words/phrases/images one by one, just bring them up in the browser, right-click them and save them somewhere.

It’s really that easy, so please don’t complain! It’s a final decision and hey, it might be a tiny bit disappointing, but we’ll replace every good feature with more orange banners, gigantic letters and tons of other stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with learning (or helping you learn). But it’ll be looking outrageously tremendous!


mems - gone

option for timer in beta (the final dashboard as i see it) - gone

filter courses drop down menu - gone

most userscripts broken

huge white spaces, HUUUGE ugly LETTERS, a dashboard made for kiddies learning max 10 courses, and no customisation (why???)

what else?

sad, very sad


you are going to remove one of pillars of your learning system and i do not know why, because there was no explanation for this step in your letter. is it so hard to leave them as a part of memrise, but only for people who appreciate it? e.g. if they enable it somewhere in their account… sorry i really dont understand


This is incredibly disappointing. I fail to see how giving everyone the same standard stuff is “helping encode memories more richly.” It is no longer possible to get creative and share with the community. I guess this means it will no longer be possible to create individual courses? As someone with 10,000 plus words and concepts learned on those, that is an absolute punch in the face. I’m not exactly encouraged to pay money for a subscription either when promises are broken constantly and you don’t know what you will get for the money you pay today


This is absolute garbage. Mems are literally the reason I PAID to use this website. They are absolutely the primary thing that helps me learn words. I’ve already taken all of your “official” German courses. What’s left for me now? I just sit here with nothing to learn for the next 9 months waiting for the subscription I already paid for to run out? I feel like you stole my money, and I want it back.

Does anyone know of an alternative? I guess I just have to make my own stuff with Anki, though I find the program counterintuitive. A spaced repetition system that allows for pretty easy notes-to-self creating is all I need if I can’t have the MEMs on freaking MEMRISE.

Poor. Very poor, guys.


The website is called memrise. You’re removing the website’s namesake, and with it anything that made it unique or superior to alternatives such as Duolingo.

Sadly, as a result of the new interface, none of my classmates were even able to appreciate or comprehend the idea of mems despite having created one for nearly each word I created.

I think if the concept was explained better or encouraged, more people would avail of it, because mems are an incredible concept, and indeed the best and easiest way to ‘memorise’ words, again the name sake of the website.

From December 31st forwards, there is no reason for me to continue using memrise unfortunately, as mems were many people’s main learning method and the main draw to the site. Ce fut agréable le temps que ça a duré. Goodbye Memrise :frowning:


Oh, and I only started using your site this year, so it’s not like I’m just afraid of change or something. The thing you are removing is the thing I use this website for. The only thing.

Please answer: are the community courses going away? If not, are you actually DELETING the Mems that already exist in the community courses? If that is the case, then you officially have NOTHING for me. Oh man, I am so angry right now. You are seriously hindering my ability to practice and learn German, and I literally need to learn it. Garbage.


Really, really disappointing - in more than one way.
Sad and difficult to believe that the mems are going. To me they are and have been a great help and more than occasionally have given me a good laugh. The mems are the factor that has given the strongest sense of community to Memrise. Small efforts and thoughts building a huge chest of tools to remember.

Perhaps most disappointing of all is that the grounds for taking the decision to remove the mems is so poorly communicated and the reasons remaining so murky. Very strange.
If not many people use them, but they do mean a great deal to those who do appreciate them - why not let them be?


The decision to remove mems is a poor decision IMO. I am deeply disappointed.


What I like about Memrise data research is the way you manipulate it and pretend it’s OK. For starters, in the official courses mems availability was reduced since we don’t see mems created by other users. How people will use them when they don’t see them? Secondly, we have mems in user created courses, but access to UCC is tricky - you can’t find them via mobile apps, only on desktops. Thus we have at least two obstructions on our way to mems which are certainly affect your statistics. But if you wanted to get rid of them no matter what, why don’t just say that?

I’m not a big fan of mems myself, but it was helpful to make notes when you see errors. Welp, this move was expected for a long time.

P.S. Third reason people don’t use mems - in the official courses in Android app at least - is that they are hidden from view pretty good. You have to scroll down translation which takes bigger part of the screen and only then you’ll see mems window. Not fair, too, if you are alluding to usage statistics.


Your “how to save mems” instruction is a mockery.
Why there’s no option to download them from profile in one click?


this is an absolute disaster…I guess I’ll have to look for a new language learning tool after investing a lot of time and effort to the courses here and even creating my own courses…why in the world when I do a review of say new verbs conjugations would I not want to be able to type them all…multiple choice is a complete waste of time for this

Why not just allow users to have typing only reviews??? Makes zero sense…what a shame to ruin the undisputed best language learning tool and make it unusable

ps - I’ve learned 50918 flashcards/words in Memrise…I have used this product religiously for years what an unmitigated disaster this new format is…absolutely shocking how you guys have ruined a once great website and product


please do anyone know a website similar to memrise?


i forgot to mention that without MEMS, i would never have been able to learn Mandarin/Hanzi???

what for a subterfuge does the team do believe would help the user learning Hanzi/Kanji???


You guys have had this obsession with taking away typing from Memrise for over a year and are now moving towards this strange and delusional goal. The best part for me was being able to learn a target language and be able to write and spell correctly in a business setting…having multiple choice and audio aren’t of interest for me and if I wanted to in the past they were available in their own sections where one could do listening reviews or multiple choice…now it is this ridiculous hybrid…I absolutely and positively under no circumstances will be renewing my membership if this isn’t changed.


I’ll be investigating this evening a website and organization that doesn’t do a rug pull on it’s loyal clients who have been here for years and years…absolutely a 100% joke and slap in the face