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I created a course to learn to recognize local birds. At first I wrote the species name with a capital letter (ie. Song sparrow, Blue heron), but I found it too easy since when presented with mixed letters one could tell what was the first letter of the answer, since it was the only capital one. I then decided to change my whole word bank and have only lower case (song sparrow, blue heron). It displays alright when presenting the card, and the problem with mixed letters questions is solved, but something strange is happening with multiple choice questions.
Say you’re presented with a picture of a blue heron. The answer choices are: Song sparrow, blue heron, Blue jay, American robin. (Just an example, most choices aren’t that easy!) The right answer is evident, since it’s the only one with a lower case initial, and it completely defeats the purpose! I checked and all the words are lower case both in the word bank and in the course list. What’s happening there? What should I do to have all names display in all lower case at all times? Preferably without having to restart the course from scratch, since some of my students already have progress.
Thanks a lot!

You’re a victim of the so-called phantom entries (which actually is a Memrise bug).
You’ll have to utilize a script in order to eliminate these. Here’s a thread that tells you how:

If that seems too complicated (or too much work) for you, add me as a contributor to your course, provide a link here, then I’ll do that for you. Note that the script is really an attempt at removing those entries, so there is no guarantee that this will remove all capitalized entries. The script may have to be executed several times.
Background: what I think the script does is to re-enter all words as they are now; this in turn seems to trigger a procedure within Memrise’s database that updates the answers that are presented in multiple choice questions (those are my personal assumptions, I might be completely off).

Hi Olaf, thank you so much for your answer! Yes it seems to be exactly what’s happening with my course. The solution you suggest seems a little complicated for me, so I’m adding you as a contributor. Here’s the link: Oiseaux It’s all in French, let me know if you need me to translate anything for you!

Well, it does seem a bit strange. I just went ahead and executed the script thrice. Most notably though, it only seems to have affected level 1. That is, it seems that it really ignored the two other levels (won’t go into too much technical detail here!). Could you please check whether or not you notice any change on level 1 (i. e. by starting a review session for that level)?

Et, en passant, tu peux aussi écrire en français, si tu veux. Je ne le parle très bien, mais je peux l’essayer! :slight_smile:

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Bonjour Olaf! Je viens de tester chacun des niveaux, et le problème semble être réglé partout! J’ai recommencé à zéro mon progrès et les choix de réponse ont tous une minuscule. C’est génial!
Merci infiniment pour ton aide! Mes élèves ne pourront plus tricher maintenant!
Passe une très bonne journée et merci encore
Amuse-toi bien si tu veux apprendre à reconnaître les oiseaux de l’est du Canada! :wink:

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Haha, très bien !

Merci, Ă©galement !

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