Reviewing earlier levels

Sure I’m missing something obvious but I’ve reached level 5 in European Portuguese and only seem able to review learning from the current level. Worried I’ve forgotten some of what I covered previously! How can I review everything learned so far?

Are you using the web version or the app?

It sounds like you may be using the app. If so, when you open the app, it will always open at the course you were last learning. To access your other four courses, tap on the course icon in the top left corner. It’s explained here.

If you are using the web version, the words due for review from all five of your courses should be accessible via these buttons:


Hope this helps.


Thanks - very helpful. I was hoping it was possible to review everything covered so far in one test but this is a reasonable substitute

OK but that wouldn’t fit with the Spaced Repetition System that Memrise uses.

I think the nearest you are going to get is to ‘force’ a review of a complete level (within a course) either using the options button on the level page on the web version or by tapping on a level (the blue circle) and then on “Classic Review” on the app version.