Review words still broken

Tested today’s (April 4) Memrise iOS app. Review words is still broken, prompts for more entries than is listed for review.

This has been broken for weeks now.

a) Do you do any regression testing?
b) Do you track bugs and fix them?

If you give the steps, you App and iOS version and the course you are taking, they might be more inclined to pick it up. Also I’ll tag @memrisesupport for you.

PS: haven’t you reported this already?

Just tested latest app version on latest iOS on iPad Pro. I had 1 review for the official Norwegian 1 course. After starting a normal review session, it did not stop after correctly answering the one review. It went until 50 words were reviewed (my account setting).

Just to follow up on this, we’re aware of the issue where words that are not due to review are added to the session.
The team has been working on a fix, but due to a difference in store requirements and release cycles between the apps, it’s taking longer than usual to get the fix out.

Thank you again for reporting this issue, I understand how frustrating it must be to be forced to review more words than you’d want or have time for.

I’ll update this thread when a fix is out, but at the moment there is no clear ETA.


I reported it the same time when it happened, with steps to reproduce and OS. I do work in the SW business and I’m constantly reading/fixing/creating bug reports.

Workaround: You can quit the session after the required words achieved. When you quit, the reviewed words are marked as reviewed

(same problem when learning German for native English speaker as a German :slight_smile: on IPhoneX 11.3)

I memorize the number of words I learn and stop at the point. But the issue is that this function is broken, a regression, regressions should be fixed.

There’s also another long-standing bug where the iOS icon clips the label showig words to review to 50 while there are more than 50 entries. I would think it’s trivial to fix the >50 then == 50 bug but don’t expect it to be fixed.

I’m fairly sure that this is not a bug but a well thought out decision to not put people off the app when they have too many words to review.
See [App Feedback] App stuck at 50 notifications

Well, for me it does not look as well-thought, rather a bug, if you expect 50 and you go into the app and see 354 words to review, it’s the same feeling you are describing with the exception that it also feels like a badly written app when the label does not even give right info.

Now, I don’t expect this simple bug to be fixed as it seems the team is more keen on implementing graphical chrome rather than fixing bugs, sorry as it is.