Review screen cut off

Hello! I’m loving the new Decks experience so far - but found one bug in the review screen.
When I finish a review session, I see this screen, and two and a half words that I’ve reviewed. However, I can’t scroll any further down the page to see the other words I reviewed. This is on Edge on my Windows 10 Surface Pro.

Thanks for all your work!


Similar to what I’m experiencing on an Asus T100 convertible but my ‘cut-off’ is even worse (ie I see even less). I’m waiting for a response. I’ve emailed a .png file screenshot, but the responses seem to be getting a bit confused as someone’s responded to me about someone else’s problem (I think)! Bid odd.

Be patient, please. The problem you’ve reported is known, i. e. it has been posted several times already here in the forum. I suppose it’ll just take a little time until a fix is on place.

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I have no scroll bar at the review screen and also at the leaders board screen.

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Yes, I’m one of those who’ve reported it. I will see whether it’s been fixed yet. Good to know it’s “out there”, but no problem with patience, provided the original Memrise isn’t taken away before a fix for Decks.

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Thanks @Chiacchierone @Peginthesnow @Olaf.Rabbachin @kbrady8 !
I’ve added this to our backlog, will let you know when we’ve made a fix so we can see if it’s solved for you


Thanks #kevin5284 - another thing along the same lines - when you’re doing lots of different Memrise/Decks courses, you can no longer tell from the screen which course you’re actually on. If they’re similar, it can be confusing. I don’t know if it used to be up in the coloured title bar before, but it isn’t on Decks and the only way to tell where you are is from the web address. Thanks for all your hard work!

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Yes. There’s lots of important features missing from that bar on the decks version: the course name, the number of words to review, and the pause button. As a result - and has been flagged-up elsewhere - the “X” button which is located on the right-hand end of the bar on Memrise now sits on the left of this otherwise empty bar.


Thanks so much! Appreciate it :smile:

I guess you only notice bugs and missing bits a little bit at a time depending on what you tend to focus on most. Thanks for the response :+1::+1:


Not a complaint, but just commenting that this issue is still outstanding - I still can’t see the leader board of a course without zooming out.

But thank you for all the other fixes recently.


Hi @Chiacchierone @MidWalesParky @Olaf.Rabbachin @kbrady8 @DW7 this issue of the session complete screen getting cut off should now be fixed :slight_smile:
Let me know if you are still seeing issues

Yes, thanks very much Kevin; it is now fixed; I’ve just been in and tried it on one of my Community courses. One other thing I’ve noticed though and it could be just me, but on the learning screen, next to a word that has an explanation - such as “noun, feminine” or perhaps “verb” - that sort of thing… the explanation is so close to the word that it looks in danger of actually obliterating the word that the question is asking you to work on in whatever way. Do you need a screen dump to see what I mean?

Thanks again, great to see the progress and I know Decks will be fine after initial bugs/teething problems are sorted out.

Keep up the wonderful work - don’t know what us learners would do without you!

Kind regards

Caroline Parkinson - Welsh learner

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