Review questions too easy?

I just purchased a year subscription and am working through Spanish (Mexico). I’ve started to notice that most of the review questions are not helping me actually commit anything to memory. In multiple choice questions, for instance, I might need to find the word meaning elbow. And the answers include (the equivalent of) elbow, United States, hello, and bathroom. This is far too easy when all of the words the section I am learning are body parts. This doesn’t test whether I can remember the word meaning elbow, it simply allows me to weed out everything that isn’t a body part. And the system thinks I know the word for elbow, while in reality, I can’t remember if that word was elbow or ankle. This is even worse on the listening review questions. I am asked to pick the word that was spoken, or spell the word, or “tap” out the words in the order I heard them. This doesn’t test me on what the words mean. It simply tests if I can spell or repeat back what I heard. I am flying through courses without actually needing to remember anything. It seems like 90% of the questions in each learning session are this way. Only about 10% will ask me to translate without a multiple choice set of options or repeating back the word. Is there any way to increase the difficulty of the courses by only allowing questions that require me to translate the words? I’m hoping that I am just missing some sort of option in the settings menu. Thank you for any advice!

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You could install cooljingle’s excellent ‘all typing’ userscript. Once installed, you can turn it on or off to suit your needs. When enabled, you will only be presented with typing tests (no more multiple choice). It’s a really helpful addition.

The first post on the following thread contains a link to the instructions on how to install the script.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much, I didn’t know this was possible! Wish the app just had these things built in, as it doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. But I appreciate that someone went through the trouble of setting something like this up.

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Awe, I can’t seem to get it to work. I will keep trying, but without that, this whole program ends up being kinda useless for me. May ask for a refund.

I figured it out! I’m not the best at the computer stuff… But it works perfectly! Wish this was an option on the ios app. Thanks again!