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for the past few days (maybe around a week) I 've seen quite a lot of wrong word counts in the courses I’m learning. This means, that I’m shown a bigger number of words, that need to be watered, than I actually get to see, when I try to review them (for example 5 words can be watered but the course showed 15 need to be watered before I click that button). This happens in a lot of different courses, so I’m not able to really say, that it just affects one course or one type of course (Japanese and Maps courses for example were both affected).
Is anybody else having this problem or does somebody know, what could cause this?

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Yes, I have noticed that problem since about a week on both Memrise and Decks.
It just said 13 to water for reviewing Maps but I got only 7. The number is always higher, never lower.

Maybe you could change the topic titel though to something with “review number” in it instead of word count.

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Ah, thank you very much for your suggestion, this is a good idea. I hope there is some kind of solution to this, but in the meantime it’s good to see, that I’m not having this problem alone.

Can you guys check as to whether you’re running an outdated version of the app? I know the problem, but it has been fixed for me a month or so ago. The most recent version today is 2.94_17904. You can find the version number in the app’s settings.

Thank you very much for your input but I’m using only the desktop version (in Firefox)… :sweat:

Also on desktop and the problem appeared just last week.
I have issues especially with the filter categories Maps and Music.

Oh, sorry - I rarely use the website …