Reverted to Excel because too easy

For review, there needs to be an option to simply translate the word without hints or suggestions. I’ve reverted back to using a list in Excel where I need to translate the word to Korean as I find the review too easy and that I have therefore not learnt the word fully after studying it.

Is there a way to hide the suggested letters/words displayed under a text box in review? These make the review too easy.
Is there a way for review to only include written translation test?

Thanks, Hamish

Cooljingle’s “all typing” userscript works for me and can be turned on and off for each course you are reviewing. You’ll find a link in his opening post in this topic:

Some people cover that element of the screen using the Adblock Plus app (or similar).


Use adblock and hide the suggested letters element under the input box on the review screen!

Conversely, when it comes to kanji, I think typing is what is too easy and like to use the suggested characters for those. I have a few decks that are mixed kanji/kana and latin script. Does anyone know if it is possible to only block select character sets from an element?

You may want to do your own versioning - Saving a new file as FileName_Date.xlsx

I’d also check the autorecovery settings to see how often it’s saving / where and consider turning it off.