Reverse review - feature suggestion for decks

I don’t know how to write this since my english isn’t that good, but I will try to describe it.
So, there is a lot of courses where the user who has started the course has chosen one word as the word and one definition. I wish if it could be available for users who use the course to be able to switch between defintion and words when reviewing…
For example, i have the words:

Vehicle - a car
It would be good if users who use the course (not owner of the course) could to be able to switch if they want the definition to show up and guess the word, or virce versa. I find it easier to learn words this when you can switch between the definition and the word when reviewing.
So i want to be able to switch like this:

car shoes
food clothes

and also switch like this


vehicle shoes
food clothes

I know that the user who has created the course have decided which word is the definition and so on, but i wish if the users who use the course would be able to switch. I don’t know if this was easy to understad? Please let me know if you understand what I mean.

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