Revealing Info after Answer

Is it possible for a card to reveal information after each answer, whether it was right or wrong? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @KGrant38,

You might like to post on this thread, as this issue has already been raised.

[Feature Request] (Optional) Longer delay after getting an answer RIGHT

(Of course, if you get the answer wrong, you will be shown the correct answer.)

But you can, of course, review the answers once you’ve finished a session (which can be set to just 10 items).

Sadly, this is not true in all cases - during speed reviews on Android, the app will simply skip to the next item. Even worse - you don’t get the audio for the wrong choice (if there is audio).

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Thanks Olaf,
I don’t do speed reviews but personally that makes sense if one is trying to answer in a hurry.
Also, I wouldn’t use it unless I was confident I could answer a large percentage of them correctly.

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