Return to automatic flagging as "difficult word"

One thing that I would really wish for would be the ability to undo the manual (un-) flagging of items as “difficult word”.

From what I can see it is not possible to re-activate the system to automatically flag items appropriately once you have removed or activated the flag manually.

@MemriseSupport is there any chance you guys could change this? I suppose it’d be fine if there was a switch on the course-level that allows you to clear any manual flagging (on or off).


I second this. Besides getting rid of the mems, this was my main criticism of the new interface. The new approach with difficult words is far less efficient than the prior one.

It would be nice to at least get a reply, @MemriseSupport

You could make an argument that the opposite behaviour would be more annoying than this way round, if i’ve manually said something isn’t difficult then I don’t want the automated flagging to come back.
And yes in theory there could be a setting, but the amount of effort that would take to implement for a pretty niche bit of functionality means we will never get round to it.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

This is not about switching behaviour from one alternative to another but rather about adding variety to help your users to learn better and/or more efficient.
In this case it could have been a simple button “reset my flags to [auto]” and a bit of code behind that as it can really only be a flag in your database, otherwise your system wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the “modes” in the first place. Not sure whether you’re a dev or not (you are not a member in any user group here on the forums, BTW).

It seems that all the time and money you have at your disposal goes into your next big update. Everything else is just too much effort, including bugs that have been around for years and any feature request, where the only concession by Memrise that I have seen so far was that something got added to some ominous list (that no one outside Memrise has ever seen).

Sorry for being frustrated once again, maybe there will be some point in the future where I just give up asking …

I appreciate it seems an easy enough change, but any change needs design to find a logical place to put this button, devs on each platform as we are trying to make the experience across all the apps the same, a backend engineer to make the endpoint and the database change then for it to be QAd after on each platform.
Basically any change adds up and we have to balance the reward from a change versus effort, and more importantly against what other change we could make with the same investment of resource, and right now as you say the new version of Memrise is our priority.

Thanks for the reply. The point is that the last iteration of the software made some of Memrise features worse. Mems and handling of difficult words in particular.