(resolved) "Английский 1" - Displaying incorrect Cyrillic characters

(from this course: http://www.memrise.com/course/1096816/angliiskii-1/ )
When learning new English words, the Cyrillic characters are displayed incorrectly. It’s mostly with non-existent characters in the place of the correct characters. I haven’t tried manually changing their font; it’s a bit difficult to do so. I use Chrome but the extensions are unable to change the fonts of some characters, especially those with a limited range of fonts or those in a different alphabet.
When previewing the characters, however, each word is correctly spelled.

It’s just with learning the words do the meanings become unintelligible.

The “Русский” section should be displaying “пойдём!; поехали!”, and not what seems like “noùdëм!; noexaлu!”

Similar to this one, this time with “что нового?; что происходит?”

I’m just wondering if the Memrise team can make it more easier for me to read these letters, as some seem to not resemble their actual characters.