Reset all of the ignored words in the whole course

How can I reset (unignore) ignored words, all at once

Hi @mhfr110,

Not something I’ve tried as I don’t want to, but have you tried “Restart” on the Home page under “Options”?

Be careful, though. Using the “Restart” feature will wipe your learning history for that course and you will have to start again from scratch.

I’m not aware of any way “unignoring” all your ignored words across all your courses in one action. I think the nearest you will get is to scroll through each course level page by level page and select “Ignore” → “None” → “Save”.


The new ‘course dictionary’ on android makes this easier. All ignored words are currently pinned to the bottom of the Encountered tab and have a tick icon, using the 3 dots icon you can click ‘Teach me this’ to unignore words


Thank you for your quick response @James_g_memrise

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Thanks James. I hadn’t spotted that section of the new course dictionary. Is someone going to update the “FAQ & Help” section sometime?

It will need updating, we’re making a couple of other changes across the apps in the next month or so, so we’ll probably do a single update then rather than keep doing it

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