Requesting a refund for subscription auto renew

I completely forgot about my memrise pro subscription and it auto renewed today without any warning. I would really like a refund as soon as possible. I cancelled my subscription already, can I still get a refund? I love memrise but I really don’t have time for languages for now. Please help. Thanks a lot!

Hi @yscindy828215,

If eligible*, you can request a refund by visiting on web - please make sure you are logged in with the correct Memrise username.

Refunds may take 5-10 days to appear in your account. Please contact your payments provider for further information.

  • Refunds are only available within 30 days from the date of subscription. Please note that if you signed up via Apple/iTunes (iOS), you will need to get in touch with Apple directly to request a refund (unfortunately Apple do not allow developers to access the refunds system). More details about refunds here:

If you have issues requesting a refund or you believe something is wrong, please reply to this message and we’ll investigate further :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Memrise team