Request to help moderate Dutch - The 1,001 / 1,002-2,002 Most Common Words

Hi Folks,

I am interested in helping out for the time being moderating the two community courses Dutch - The 1,001 Most Common Word and Dutch - The 1,002-2,002 Most Common Words. My hope is just to clean up a few missing/superfuous articles and prepositions, and at least one audio mistake (de boel/de ring). :sweat_smile: After two years, I am still learning the language, so I do not intend on expanding or adding things.

I am under the impression that current moderators have retired, but I am also happy if someone else prefers to volunteer. :slight_smile:


Hi Richard, thank you for willing to help. Can you post here the changes that need to be made? I can do the corrections.

I do not visit the forums on a regular basis, so please tag me when you reply (that way I’ll get an email notification).

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