Request to become a contributor to "Vulcan Language Institute Lessons" course

This is the course I’d like to become a contributor to. I have found a few minor mistakes, and with the creator’s permission would like to correct them, and link their course with the one I created which has the remaining lessons from the website we listed. (Also would like to update their course description to link to the correct website; vli-online is no longer online due to hackers removing the original contents and the remains of it are only on the waybackmachine.

This is the thread I started to find the user of the course, to discover they were not registered with the forums.

I have not been on Memrise for 6mo under this account (Hikeh), but I was on here under a different account name (this one and that account has been here since around 2018/2017. (Feel free to e-mail me from that account to confirm). I signed up using the google feature that time and then somehow didn’t realize I already had an account when I re-signed up this time around. (My old account has even more points than me on that Vulcan Institute Lessons scoreboard!)

Wa’itaren. (many thanks)

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