Request to become a Contributor to two Dinosaur courses by different people

Please can you contact @fitiusmaximus » fitiusmaximus «

About his course » Animals of the Mesozoic (Dinosaurs) - by fitiusmaximus - Memrise «

There is this [Course Forum] Animals of the Mesozoic (Dinosaurs) by FitiusMaximus - Community-Created Courses / The Natural World - Memrise but no response.

And @Ulysses420 » Ulysses420 «

About his course » Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals - Memrise «

I’d like to make some suggestions or support it as a Contributor.

Many thanks Memrise - DW7

Happy New Year @MemriseSupport .

As it’s been a month since I wrote the above, have you had a chance to contact the Creators of those two interesting courses?

@James_g_memrise, can you help please?

If you need something please request it directly with Support, they do not monitor the forums.

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Thanks, @James_g_memrise, I didn’t know that your system had changed.

Many of us have used the “Abandoned Courses” section for a very long time to request Contributor access.

So when did that change?

And what is this section used for now?


Which sub section of Zendesk do I use?

Click submit a request at the top.

Since Alessio left recently there is no member of staff responsible for monitoring most of the forum, the only section we actively monitor in a timely fashion is the bugs section. Other sections around official courses are checked less regularly but this section is under no one’s remit so I would advise making a support ticket if you want something.

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Many thanks James - I have done that.

Also it was not clear on my phone but on a computer I managed to find what you referred to.

Sad Alessio left - I wish him well and hope that there will be a replacement eventually.

Thank you for monitoring Bug reports.

Thanks James for sorting this out (see » another thread «) so I’m now supporting these two Dinosaur courses.