Request to become a contributor to "The most common french german phrases"

I’d like to become a creator to this course which contains plenty of mistakes:

@ozimus, being the creator of the course, doesn’t seem to have a forum account. Could you guys please ask her/him to make me a contributor and/or direct her/him to this thread?

I have also created a [Course Forum] thread for the course, you can find it here:

Well done being willing to take on another course.

I like to make a [Course Forum] to check if there is an active Contributor who has not stated that in the full Description (and possibly in the short App description).
(Basically if there is a Contributor, s/he may notice the thread.)

Then when I have been granted Contributor status, I add a note to the [Course Forum] post as well as the description, so others will know.

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I checked both the author and whether or not there’s a forum thread for the course (there isn’t).
I also add a [Course forum] thread for all courses I contribute to - I always did that once I had access to a course. Good idea though to check on any other contributors (sadly there’s no way to find out about them!). I’ve created a course forum thread now and will update my original posting hereafter.

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Good morning @Olaf.Rabbachin, we’ve sent this user a message detailing your request and will report back in 7 days.


Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin, you have now been added as a contributor to this course :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! :+1:t4: