Request to become a contributor to the "Japanese slang" course


I have been using the course “Japanese slang” in Japanese by iulia.drake intensively. Unfortunately it contains several mistakes and technical issues (e.g. vocabulary entries start with blank) which make using the course very clumsy. I have time to clean this up and would like to become a contributor to the course in order to correct these issues. I will not make changes to the content. Would that be possible?

Thank you in advance!

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MemRise have said this is how we should request items now.

If you need something please request it directly with Support, they do not monitor the forums.


Since Alessio left recently there is no member of staff responsible for monitoring most of the forum, the only section we actively monitor in a timely fashion is the bugs section. Other sections around official courses are checked less regularly but this section is under no one’s remit so I would advise making a support ticket if you want something.