Request to become a contributor to Luxembourgish for English Speakers (Vocabulary)


I would like to become a contributor for Luxembourgish for English Speakers (Vocabulary) created by Patrick_Osaseri. He does not appear to be active online.

I have been studying the Luxembourgish language and I have couple of books which I could translate into Memrise Course. I would also like to enhance the “visual” part of it, adding more pictures. Otherwise, I could create a secondary course but I do not think it is the optimal solution.

Link: Luxembourgish for English Speakers (Voc… - by Patrick_Osaseri - Memrise
The thread where we have already tried to reach out to the course creator since 2020: Luxembourgish for English Speakers by Patrick_Osaseri

Thanks a lot for consideration :blush:

Hello! I would like to proceed with my learning new words and I was wondering if you have any news?

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@MemriseSupport any updates?

That should be done. Sorry for the delay, in future I’d recommend directly making a ticket with our support team for a faster response

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I’ll know for future cases, thanks!
I will be waiting for your feedback then…

This is contrary to what has been officially stated in the (pinned) thread here:

I suggest you update the instructions there to avoid further confusion.