Request to become a contributor to Greenlandic for beginners course

I created a post in the native American languages forum, but I have not gotten a response. I suspect that since this course is very old, that it has no active contributors. There are several mistakes. Here are some of them.

naak ataata anaanalu? naluvara, suli isinngillat

where are mother and father? I don’t know, they still haven’t come inside

The only thing wrong with this is that ataata means father and anaana means mother, so the words have switched order in the English translation.

piniartoq qimussisava? naagga, qimussissanngilaq

will the hunter drive a dog sled? no, he will not drive a dog sled

This one should have a repeated s in qimmussissava

angut maannakkut sulissava?

is the man going to do woodwork now?

This uses the wrong translation of sulissava. suli means work, and sana means do woodwork.

pisiniarfingmit anipput

they come out of the shops

This has the wrong translation because -mit indicates movement out of a single place.