Request to become a contributor to Brookbeall courses

Brookbeall ( has created many good courses in Chinese, but some of them could be improved as there are mistakes and some others are unfinished. It seems that he has been inactive for a long time now, and I would like to be added as a contributor for two of his courses. I’m already a contributor in one of his courses (and many others)

The courses I would like to be added as a contributor are:

Medical Chinese (

100 Most Common Names: 老百姓 - Chinese Last / Family (

I don’t think there’s a way to contact BrookBeall. I hope this doesn’t get delayed forever, I’ve asked to become a contributor in the past and I never got a reply. This sub-forum seems to be neglected.


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Please, Memrise team, don’t ignore this forum.

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I have several in the Abandoned category pending an update.