Request to become a contributor to an Italian course by mkp28

Please can you contact @mkp28 about becoming a Contributor to his or her course:

I have created this [Course Forum] thread ► [Course Forum] [Audio] Hacking Italian by mkp28

Their ► Blog ◄ doesn’t seem to work.

Hi @MemriseSupport have you been able to contact @mkp28 ?

Any update on this one @MemriseSupport? - it’s was logged on the 21st August. Thanks.

Cc @Memrisematty & @JBorrego

Hi @DW7,

Really sorry for the delay- we’re working through a bit of a backlog. We’ve contacted the user with your request, inviting them to review your forum post and accept or deny your contributor request.

We’ll check back in with you in a week :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Memrise team


Many thanks @MemriseSupport team.

I see you have been very busy!

Good morning @DW7,

It seems this user is inactive and we have not heard from them within a week, so I’ve gone ahead and added you as a contributor to this course.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with :slight_smile:

Memrise team


Many thanks @MemriseSupport.

As ever I will be respectful and try to ‘add value’.

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