Request to become a contributor to an abandoned Japanese course by Usako

  • The name of the course

Vocabulary for JLPT 1,2

  • A link to the course
  • A link to the thread where you have already reached out to the course creator, if applicable

The course creator > @usako < doesn’t seem to be active on the Memrise forum.

  • A couple of sentences on why you want to be a contributor

I’ve been a very active user of Memrise for a long time and I would like to modify this course to help me and others, especially adding audio to words where the Memrise Audio Provider browser add-on fails to give the correct pronunciation.

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You need to set one up.
Have a look at other racquets for guidance.

As I understand it, @usako is not on the memrise forum. I tried searching for them, but

both give “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

This is from the instructions thread:

If you would like to be a contributor on a course that you believe is abandoned, search for the course author in the forum, and if they are in the forum, start a thread with them in the relevant course category

If the course creator is either not on the forum or doesn’t reply to you within a week, you can then request a contributor status to be granted by Memrise.

Am I misunderstanding something?

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Hi @Fiskarna, you are right but reading this:

Step 1 - Request to be a contributor from the course creator by starting a thread in the relevant forum area

Several of us have created a “[Course Forum]” and invited the creator (even though they currently aren’t participating in the Community).

So when you are given access, you can continue with that “[Course Forum]” thread to communicate with users.

Have a look at what I did :

I was going on our > early discussions < with the MemRise Team when making suggestions on how to progress these requests - but I may have taken the idea too far.

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I would add, that I requested access to the above courses by @FernCS on the 10th June and > this one < on the 5th August and despite a temporary hold-up with a technical issue, permission still hasn’t been granted to either set of courses by @MemriseSupport or @MemriseMatty.

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