Request to become a contributor to All Nobel Laureates by Demokritos

I have recently started studying Nobel Prize winners using this course. However, the course is out of date (most recent listings are from 2014; 6 years out of date). Additionally, I noticed that the Medicine levels are incomplete (they exist, but there is nothing listed within most of them and the photo levels are missing completely; example).

If accepted as a contributor, I intend to bring the course up-to-date, fix the Medicine category, and add levels to help with learning year and nationality, as are listed in the course description (they are only currently included as extraneous information and are not given their own levels). I intend to try to keep the course up-to-date for the foreseeable future as well (for at least as long as I continue to use Memrise).

I attempted to private message @Demokritos, but as far as I can tell, they are not a forum user. Can you please try to get in contact with them?

Thank you in advance for your consideration.