Request to become a contributor to a Tree course by Nat_J

Please can you contact @Nat_J about becoming a Contributor to his or her course:

They are actively learning but they have not visited the Forum.

I have created this ► [Course Forum] ◄ thread they could visit.

Many thanks. @DW7


I don’t mind if they aren’t keen on me being a Contributor, it would just be nice to make contact on the [Course Forum].

Hi @DW7,

Many thanks, we have contacted the user with your request, inviting them to review your forum post and accept or deny your contributor request.

We’ll check back in in a week’s time.

Memrise team


Good morning,

My apologies for not seeing this post for so long, I have been a bit busy lately.
I will add you as a contributor if you’d like, I mainly created this because I wanted to have a way to remember these myself, and thought others would find it interesting, which is why I haven’t set up some of the things you mentioned in the course forum.
Thank you for the interest nonetheless, I’m glad someone enjoys it.

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Many thanks @Nat_J ,

I really like your multimedia levels helping us distinguish between tree leaves - something that is sadly not available on the App.

I’m always very respectfully with courses - as a look at those I’ve created and support will show.

I’ll start by adding links to some other courses (and vice versa) - which I hope will drum up some support for your excellent course.

PS Feel free to amend or delete anything you aren’t happy with.

Hi again @Nat_J , could you try adding me as a Contributor again, please?

You need to click (or tick) save at the bottom for it to work.

Has it worked now? Sorry, I may have closed the tab before without clicking save

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Yes thanks, it catches us all out :wink:

Very quick response !!!

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