Request to become a Contributor to a Plant course by Bomorda (98)

I create a [Course Forum] thread in June 2018 and @L-I-E-N contacted @bomorda98 for me.

However he doesn’t seem to have actioned a request from three years ago nor has his “Level” or points changed since then.

[Course Forum] 0100 Leaves of trees and shrubs by Bomorda (98) - #8 by DW7

Please could you contact him and ask if he wouldn’t mind me becoming a Contributor - thanks.

Hi @DW7, we have contacted the user again with your request, inviting them to review your forum post and accept or deny your contributor request :slightly_smiling_face:


Many thanks @MemriseSupport,

Did you see this request/ course by the same person?

Request to become a Contributor to a Mineral course by Bomorda (98)

But perhaps you’ll apply any response (or lack of response) to both courses.

@DW7 If we haven’t heard back from the inactive user by Monday, we’ll grant contributor status on both courses :slightly_smiling_face:


Good morning @DW7, you have now been added as contributor for these courses :slightly_smiling_face:


Many thanks @MemriseSupport and well remembered.

As ever I will be very respectful with the Creator’s excellent courses and will try to enhance and support it.