Request to become a contributor to a course by GeographyBee

Please can you contact @GeographyBee about becoming a Contributor to her course:

I have created this [Course Forum] thread > [Course Forum] "Settlement Key Words" by GeographyBee <.

Hi, thanks for your request.

We’ve now added you as a contributor to this course.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Thank you very much @memrisesupport.

As ever I will be respectful with her course and support it.

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Please could you TURN OFF (untick) Typing and Tapping for the second column called “English” in this course I’m now looking after, as it makes it impossible to answer, otherwise (and I don’t have that authority as a Contributor)

Many thanks.

FWIW, with your privileges here on the forum, you can remove the flag yourself! :wink:

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Thanks, true.

First of all I had forgotten this thread existed and that’s why I created the other thread.

Then when I found this one, I pondered deleting the other one, then I thought, I’d leave it and delete it afterwards.

Thanks again.

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Hi @DW7,

Sorry for the delay here!

We’ve now switched these off, do let us know if you still face problems :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Memrise team


Many thanks @MemriseSupport - it would be great if contributors of abandoned courses could have a few more privileges.


Sorry about that - I’ve just deleted the post.

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No worries @ian_mn ! It is legitimate in the Abandoned section and in fact I created a new thread in addition to this (now deleted and closed) in order for it to get noticed, then I moved their response here :wink: .