Request to become a contributor for "My huge conjugation course" French


I have been using the course “My huge conjugation course” in French by #Thawrea (Profile - Thawrea - Memrise) intensively. It is unique on Memrise in its scope and extremely useful. However, it includes several mistakes and is missing sound, which would make the course even more beneficial. I believe that could also be the key to attracting more learners. Currently, the course does not have many learners, although verb conjugation is a very useful exercise in French.

I have posted in the respective topic thread for the course created by the author and have tried to make contact with her also through a different forum. No luck so far!

I would like to become a contributor to the course in order to correct mistakes and (bit by bit) add sound. Would that be possible?

Thank you in advance!

It’s always advantageous to post a link to the course. The course-title is different, but since Thawrea only teaches one course (provided I found the correct Memrise user!), I presume it’s this one here:

Since you didn’t provide a link to the thread, have you tried tagging her/him? It seems that @Thawrea has a forum account …

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Thank you Olaf.Rabbachin, you are right, so sorry, the course title is different! You have found the right one. How do I tag someone? I have posted in the thread that she created for her course. Will she get an email informing her of that?

you tag forum users by typing @ plus the user’s account name here on the forum, i. e. @Dumani. (User names here on the forum and on Memrise are, sadly, not necessarily identical.)

And yes, if you tag someone, they will receive an email from the system (which might, of course, go right into a spam filter!). This is the only way to communicate with other Memrise users that you don’t know otherwise.

That said, I already tagged the course author in my previous post.

Thank you so much for your help @Olaf.Rabbachin ! I guess we will wait a little to see if the author is responding. If not, my “contributorship” could be granted by Memrise, right? :slight_smile:

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Hello @Olaf.Rabbachin , the weekend is here, I will have some time and it would be great if I could start working on this French conjugation course. :slight_smile: There is a lot to do ! I haven’t heard from the course creator, @Thawrea , and it’s been two weeks. I keep finding mistakes, which really ruin the course. I will not make any profound changes, but continue it in the way she has intended, add sound and maybe some more verbs that are useful. What do you think, could you provide me with “contributor powers”? :wink: Would that enable me to do all these things? Thank you again, dear Olaf, for your help.

PS: I have read the rules for the abandoned courses now and understand the contributor status cannot be granted immediately. I would be grateful if you could contact Thawrea via email about this. The other thread where I tried to get in touch with her and pointed out mistakes is here:
My huge conjugation course - Community-Created Courses / French - Memrise

My nickname on the Memrise course page is also “Dumani”. You will see that I have been a long-term member of memrise and have created several useful courses.

Sorry, @Dumani, as much as I’d like to make you a contributor - I can’t as I’m just a fellow user!

That said, you’ll have to rely on @MemriseSupport to process your request.

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@Olaf.Rabbachin Oooh, I see ! Clearly, I am a long-term user of Memrise but not of its forum. So many rookie mistakes. :slight_smile: The more I have to thank you for your responsiveness to my posts. Drück die Daumen, dass es mit dem Contributor-Status klappt. :wink:

@MemriseSupport, could you help, please, with my contributor request?

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Hi @Dumani, we have contacted the user with your request, inviting them to review your forum post and accept or deny your contributor request.


Dear @MemriseSupport, is there any news from the course author? Any chance I could become contributor before the weekend?

Best wishes!

Hi @Dumani, I’m afraid we haven’t heard back and our policy is to wait 7 days for a decision from the creator. If we haven’t heard back after then, we will add you as contributor :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, @MemriseSupport , looking forward to it!

Hi @Dumani, you have now been added as contributor to this course.


Amazing, thank you so much, @MemriseSupport !

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