Request to become a contributor for course "Визуальный испанский"

There is a course Визуальный испанский which i started not so long ago and already noticed there a few mistakes. Its administrator and creator Nikolay_Nsk haven’t been noticed in community, so i don’t have an opportunity to contact him and report those mistakes. The only way i see to repair them now is to become a new contributor for this course.

Concerning my experience: In the recent past I was added as an additional admin for course webster 575+ that I recently finished. In this topic I was trying to kind of govern it.

I hoped someone would wake up when september ended. So what’s up? Was i refused by current course admin or didn’t i follow any of the rules to becoming a contributor?
Anyway these are the words with some mistakes found in the course for future admins of this course: esracionamiento, rectangular, propia, los silobario.

Hi @FerdinandO_o :slight_smile:

You may not have received a response yet because there is a bug that is preventing Memrise administrators from adding contributors. See the links below (MemriseMatty):

@MilamyThanks for the answer. The most probable reason is clear now.

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