Request to become a contributor for course "Modern Korean: An Intermediate Reader" by Naiyo

Here is the course link:

Here is the thread I created to get in touch with the course creator almost two months ago:

I did not receive a reply, and the creator seems to have last been logged in to the forum in February and to have only ever made one post. So I’m not expecting an answer. I also sent a PM to the creator.

The problem is that toward the end of the course, many cards have a blank for the definition. So I can’t proceed to finish the course because it is incomplete. I would like to be able to fix these cards so the course can be finished. Please see my post linked above for some example pictures.


Unfortunately since the creator is active on the forum and has decided not to add you as a contributor after you’ve contacted them, we won’t act on this request.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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