'Request timed out' error when doing Pronunciation drills in Japanese 0

For the past 3 days, the Pronunciation drill has not worked at all. Whenever I record my audio, I get an immediate ‘request timed out’ error at the bottom of the screen.

I have the same problem using Memrise app on my Nexus (Android) phone. The strange thing is that the Pronunciation feature worked fine until about 3 days ago. Since then, every time I try to use it, for every word, it gives the “request timed out” error. Every time. This is true even if the word being tested is very short. I have reproduced this error in Portuguese 1, 2, and 3. The strange thing is that I can tell that it is “hearing” my pronunciation, because it correctly plays back what I said.

I tried uninstalling, restarting the phone, and re-installing. That did not fix it.

Yeah, I’m experiencing the same, the app definitely records the voice and will play it back, but the timeout error happens instantly after recording.

Two weeks without a response or even acknowlegement by Memrise. Man, I am really regretting paying for this product.

Just going to point out once again that it’s now been almost 2 months since this bug was reported and Memrise hasn’t done as much as acknowledge the issue.

They sure do spend a lot of time putting on sales to get people to subscribe, though…but with this complete lack of support, why bother?