[request] Show smaller font (make words fit)

I would also prefer to see the whole word/get rid of the two columns. BUT I think that’s unlikely to happen - they aren’t going to give up the two columns in general (in most cases it works well), and making a setting for it would be a certain amount of work.

Making an option for a smaller font however, should be a pretty simple thing to do, because there already exists an option for a larger font, which should make it easy to identify all places where it occurs. If such an option is introduced, you’ll still be perfectly able to not use it.

I am also not the only one taking my courses - in fact I raised this issue because a friend was complaining about it. A local user script is never a solution to anything, HOWEVER, the way memrise is currently functioning, it isn’t designed for languages with long words (even though German is a much larger language than Greenlandic), so realistically, I think users interested in such languages will de facto be stuck with a choice between malfunction or userscript.

Let’s not discard a realistic 90% solution just because we can’t have the perfect solution.

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Da war der der Verwandlungskünstler am Werk und hat das korrekte Wort “wurmstichig” in das (noch) nicht existente Wort “wurmsichtig” verwandelt :grinning:

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danke, bis dato nicht bemerkt :rofl:

what ever, for German words happens very often, that the user cannot see the whole word

is anybody taking this thread seriously, i mean, among the crew? please? please???


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if all i want is word-wrap, would this be ok?

@-moz-document domain(www.memrise.com) {
.garden-box.multiple_choice ol.choices li .val {
float: none;
overflow-wrap: break-word

many thanks

You use the code I posted, but leave out the one line about font-size.
In the code you pasted, you also forgot some curly braces at the end - not sure if that was just a copy-paste error, but they need to be present…

I’d also make the boxes wider.

This only effects me in Chinese with longer definitions, but bump for more attention.

An then if you are mainly working with sentences …well of course they need to think about that.

@AntonioMaceo, I don’t see any problem with sentences, what do you mean? What do you you want them to think about?

Sentences appear jumbled in the selection boxes for the compulsory tap tests. This is partly because in Japanese words are strung together.

I don’t understand why the screen can’t have a wider view of a complete sentence or at least the option to choose a smaller font.

On my PC the test box fits into just 1/3 or 1/4 of the screen space.

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It’s amazing that this issue still hasn’t been addressed on the web version to this day. Something that would require an easy fix like adjusting the css to make 4 rows of answers instead of a 2x2 layout or make font smaller or make the box wider or any other option that would do the trick and make it finally usable. Come on, Memrise!

This is really something that should be configurable per language in the courses. Some languages have long words but have short and narrow letters. Others have wide letters and possibly also long words. And then we have languages with stacked parts forming letters so the height could be 2x-3x of what is written here. Not to speak of sentence lessons.

Erm… your screenshot actually seems to show that the workaround that was discussed above has been implemented, because it seems like all the letters are visible (and then I think your problem is that the word is broken at random, but that’s actually a significant improvement over the original situation). The original problem was that the letters disappeared out of view. Your post seems to show that the original issue has in fact been addressed - although not in the way that I’d have preferred.

What you show isn’t pretty, but it’s at least possible to answer the quiz.

Ok. That seems to be true. Still, we can all agree it’s not very functional and further improvements needed.

Hey folks! Jumping in here… We’re looking at some fixes for some of these things with the new alpha versions that we’re building. Although I have to say, it’s not as easy as it looks! As you can see we implemented a fix so you’ll always be able to see the word, but the breaks are messy. CSS isn’t great at doing logical word breaks, and the only surefire way is to manually add in where words should break using hacky javascript, which is a mammoth task in itself.

BUT just wanted to say we are actually trying to fix these things. We just have a very very very long list of fixes!


@lurkmoophy Thank you for you response. It’s really great to learn the team is working on this as well.

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@lurkmoophy thanks for the update and the fix. It might not be pretty, but at least it’s possible to see what’s the right answer, so in my book you’ve solved 80% of the problem :).

Personally I’d go for an option to “disable two column answers” (on the database or column level I guess). Trying to get word breaks to work correctly doesn’t seem worth the time in general, when you need to cater for all the languages of the world (plus a few more). I’d hate to see English word breaking rules applied to Greenlandic for example - that would be a step back from where we are now (“break when there’s no more room” is less bad than “break where English would’ve broken”).

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That’s what I thought too! We made that change on Decks mid-last year and the amount of feedback we got about poor user experience made us change it back. Mainly, there’s a problem where all the answers don’t fit on the screen easily.

We’ll keep looking at it though. I’m sure there’s a solution that satisfies most people!


It’s not an easy problem due to all the languages having different glyph properties (height, width, spacing et rest).

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