Request: Option to NOT reduce background music volume during reviews

Many of us like to listen to background music on our headphones while learning/reviewing community decks as it helps a lot with focus. Unfortunately, during reviews, the music level drops, and we have to turn up the volume on our devices to hear our lo-fi beats at a reasonable level. The trouble is, if we then leave the Memrise app during a review session, for example, to check a word in a dictionary app or something, our ears suddenly get blasted.

On top of this, since the introduction of ads, this problem has been exacerbated for us headphone users because the ads are not muted and play at full volume - which can be a painful experience.

It would be wonderful if you could save our ears with a simple option in the settings along the lines of ‘Don’t reduce background music’ so that we didn’t have to turn up the device volume to such potentially unhealthy levels just to hear it. I think this topic has been brought up a few times over the years, but, as of yet, no such option has been added. I’m sure that many of us would appreciate it greatly if something could be done :pray:

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