Request for help with Memrise Pro Refund

(Yanyijun16) #1


My Memrise Pro subscription was automatically renewed on 14 December, but since I didn’t wish to continue with it I cancelled it and requested for a refund on the same day.

I have since submitted multiple follow-up requests since I have not received my refund yet, but I just keep receiving the same email that tells me to request for a refund at even though I have already done so. As the 30 day deadline is fast approaching, can someone please assist with my refund? It has frankly been quite frustrating being met with radio silence on this subject.

Thank you.

(Fronika) #2

Alarming. Reading your account would be very off-putting to anyone tempted to try Pro. I am cancelling my subscription next month and hope I don’t encounter the same problems as you have.

Good luck getting your return.

(Memrise Matty) #3

Hi @yanyijun16 -

We looked at your order, and it looks like the transaction was canceled before any funds reached us.

You can confirm this with Google by contacting them here:

I hope this helps.


(Serialv) #4

I have the same issue, but I don’t even have a way to contact Memrise to request a refund. How do you even request a refund under this situation?

(Yanyijun16) #5

I submitted a refund request using this link:

But I didn’t get any updates on my refund so I tried submitting two more requests, but the third time I couldn’t as I got a message that said “You don’t have any subscriptions eligible for refund.” So I replied to the automatic email I got after first submitting my request (since the email said “If you experience issues requesting a refund or you think something is wrong, please reply to this message.”), but there was no reply. I only got a reply to my email after I posted on this forum (which is why I haven’t followed up on this forum post since I replied to that email). So hopefully you will get a reply soon too now that you have posted here.

I am now struggling to contact Google to ask them about the refund since apparently Google didn’t release my payment to Memrise. But it’s proving similarly fruitless because Google’s contact page doesn’t provide an email address and instead keeps giving me a number to call, which I can’t as I’m overseas and it’s really expensive to call. It’s really frustrating how so many companies nowadays make it so difficult to contact them.

(Yanyijun16) #6

Just make sure to cancel your subscription a few days before the renewal date and hopefully you should be fine. Hope it goes smoothly for you!